For many students homework has previously been a source of conflict at school and/or home. At Malden Oaks we do not operate a formal homework timetable as our philosophy is based on students taking responsibility for their own progress and learning.

To this end, all subject teachers will suggest ways in which students may extend their learning and will promptly mark all work that is done at home, and set further work as appropriate. Extended tasks may include research, reading, working through a revision workbook, bringing in resources or finishing off a piece of work (particularly if missed through absence).

There is a dedicated Home learning page which students can use to enhance their learning.

All students should be made aware that there are ways in which they can accelerate their progress by working outside of school hours and should be encouraged to do so, as appropriate to their readiness to learn. At the same time we recognise that students who do concentrate and focus at a high level during the six lessons a day in school, will be participating and learning at a greater level (in their small group of 5 – 6 students) than in a mainstream class of 25 – 30. They may therefore cover a far greater content during the school day and be encouraged to pursue other interests once the school day is finished. The most beneficial use of after school time would be to engage in physical activity and sport. This is something that all staff, but particularly tutors, will encourage and help to facilitate.