The Classroom Environment & Displays

Subject teachers are responsible for their own classroom environments. They will usually also be responsible for one or more display boards in the communal area.

Guidelines for maintaining a positive and productive working environment :

  • Interactive displays – ones that pose questions, encourage reflection
  • Levelled work – including model answers and students’ own work
  • Aspirational targets
  • Linking the subject to the world of work/further education/training
  • Examples of rewards/achievements
  • Resources all labelled so that students can find things independently
  • Junk out of sight
  • Redundant resources/books thrown away
  • All displays spell-checked – ask a colleague to check
  • Students’ desks/tables cleared at the end of each lesson

The following must be displayed in every classroom and communal area:

  • Termly Literacy target
  • Termly Numeracy target
  • Designated CP teachers notice
  • Times of the day
  • Reading material
  • Group timetables
  • Learning Power muscles poster

As a minimum, a complete audit of the above should be done before students arrive at the beginning of each term.

Displays should be changed on a termly basis, as a minimum.