Overtime for admin & support staff

We would hope that staff are not overloaded and therefore able to complete their tasks within the working day.

If a member of staff does not feel that this is the case they should approach your line manager who will discuss their workload and look for reasons for the increase and possible solutions. Overtime should not be agreed if the increased workload is a result of ongoing increased requirement and in this instance a longer term solution should be sought and discussed by the SLT (increased hours or additional staff).

It may be that the additional work is a result of certain events and may be temporary and in this case, if the member of staff is in agreement, overtime might be the best solution. Overtime must be agreed and booked by the member of staff with their line manager IN ADVANCE. The Line Manager should then inform the Head Teacher & School Business Manager of the booking (by email) so that it is known to have been discussed & agreed. The SBM will then check that the overtime has been worked and process the payment through i-trent and the payroll system.