Procedure for all offsite trips and visits

Procedure: Non-Residential Trips


For all trips: obtain authorisation from Line Manager allowing at least 2 weeks’ notice – if trip/activity is classified as adventurous, allow 4 weeks’ notice as it must be approved by the Local Authority

  1. Complete Activity application form & give to Trip Co-ordinator
  2. Trip details to be inputted onto EVOLVE by Trip Co-ordinator
  3. Obtain risk assessments from venues and check/read any assessments to ensure that you cover all parts of the trip (travel/destination). Complete additional Risk Assessment form (non residential) if necessary and give to Trip Coordinator to be attached onto EVOLVE Please note: this is a mandatory requirement
  4. Ensure appropriate provisional booking for the venue is made and reference number obtained
  5. Ascertain budget and amount of contribution from parents.
  6. Send letter to parents including consent forms . Please note: Completion of Parental Consent form is mandatory for all trips
  7. All contributions and parental consent forms should be directed/given to the front office together with a list of all participants and booking reference details

Consider method of transportation:-

  • Train / bus transport – if trips are within Greater London, we can apply for free tickets on Transport for London if booking is made in advance (at least 2 weeks). Please liaise with the School Business Manager to organise this.
  • Train / bus trips outside of Greater London – advance bookings can be requested please liaise with the School Business Manager.
  • If school mini bus is being used, the driver must be advised to the School Business Manager/SLT who will ensure they meet requirements. Please also ensure that you read/follow Use of Vehicles – Requirements & Risk Assessment.

The Trip Coordinator should issue the Trip Leader with a copy pack including all risk assessments, emergency contact details for pupils and staff and medical information. It is the responsibility of the Trip Leader to ensure they have this pack PRIOR TO LEAVING.