General Information for staff

This document should be read in conjunction with the staff code of conduct

The DC site is open to staff from 6am to 7pm Monday to Friday during term time however please be aware that staff passes may not work outside of 8am-5pm so please check if you wish to work late/early.
The DC site is often open to staff during the holidays however variable hours will apply, please see the Premises Manager if you are wishing to come/work during the holiday period so that arrangements can be made.
The Surbiton site is open from 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday during term time. These hours may be extended on particular days – please speak to the SLT member on site on that day for further information.

Alcohol may occasionally be kept on the premises for the purposes of out of hours staff social occasions. The business manager will decide where this will be stored. No alcohol is to be consumed during the teaching day, either on or off the premises.

Staff can purchase food from the café at lunchtime at DC. The price is £2.50 for a main course, dessert and drink. The café is heavily subsidised by the school’s budget and so staff are only able to buy a meal for their own consumption, not to take home for their family’s evening meal!

It is not usually appropriate for staff to bring their own children onto the school site. If there are exceptional circumstances, permission must be sought from the Headteacher in advance.

Most teaching staff have a designated teaching room that doubles as a tutor room and they take responsibility for ensuring that this is a welcoming, inspiring and purposeful room. Please see the separate document ‘The classroom environment and displays’. Students must sit on chairs when in the classroom – not on tables or on the floor. Students should not sit at the teacher’s desk.
Due to the current pressure on space, classrooms may need to be used by other staff on a regular and/or occasional basis, possibly at short notice. Desks and other surfaces should therefore be kept as clutter-free as possible.


– All staff should check the calendar on a daily basis to review what is happening during the week ahead. If they spot any errors e.g. member of staff not showing as being out on a course when they should be, school vehicle not booked for a trip, they should alert the Headteacher immediately (by email). The calendar is the means by which everyone knows who is where and what is happening, so there is a shared responsibility to ensure that it is up to date.
– All staff should check the daily timetable for the day ahead before they leave the building. If they spot any errors they should:
(a) alert Marie for straight forward matters e.g. a student appearing in two lessons at once.
(b) alert Marie and copy in LB if the matter relates to a student’s option choices e.g. you notice that a student is down for catering but they think they chose History.
( c) alert Marie and copy in SX if the matter relates to cover/staffing matters e.g. you notice that you seem to be teaching at a time when you are also supposed to be at a meeting off-site (and you have already checked that the meeting is on the calendar).

– Straightforward information to parents/carers can be communicated by text. Please take care over spelling/grammar.
– More detailed information or matters that require a conversation should be communicated by phone (or attempts made to do so).
– ALL phone calls should EITHER be recorded by sending a follow up text e.g. ‘Further to our phone conversation, a reminder that Jack is due to arrive at 10am tomorrow for his catering exam’ OR by attaching a note to SIMS in the Linked documents area.
– These measures ensure that there is a record of what was agreed/communicated that can be viewed by all staff.
– Email communication with parents/carers should be avoided. If absolutely necessary, then the email function on T2P should be used, not individual staff email addresses. Information communicated in this way should be kept to a minimum and should be carefully checked for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
– When communicating with external professionals, please ensure that you use the standard school format for your email signature.
– All letters to parents e.g. informing them of a trip, telling them about arrangements for a controlled assessment, must be checked by the Headteacher before being sent.

The following words and phrases should be used by staff in all written and verbal communication to ensure a consistent approach:
School NOT centre, unit or PRU
Students NOT pupils, children or kids

Covered bike racks are provided for all staff. A shower is available at DC only.

Dress code
We do not have a formal staff dress code. We consider that professionals are able to exercise their own judgement when selecting clothes suitable for the work place.
We do have a dress code for students and therefore our own choice of clothing will reflect our desire to communicate what is appropriate for school/the workplace to them, particularly in very hot weather.
Staff dress is also mentioned in our staff code of conduct in the context of avoiding clothing that is too revealing, from a safeguarding perspective.
Branded Malden Oaks clothing is available, and staff who regularly engage in outdoor pursuits are particularly encouraged to order items from this range. Please speak to the Business Manager for further details.

We always welcome additional drivers to the pool of those who are cleared to drive students in the school cars and/or personal cars. Please speak to the Premises Manager (Marie) if you would like to know more. Only staff who have received authorisation can drive students.

Electrical items
Any electrical items may only be plugged into the school electricity supply if they have been PAT tested. Please speak to the Premises Manager (Marie) for further details.

Keys and ID
Staff should wear their ID cards around their necks at all times during the working day. This is so that they are easily identified by all staff, students and visitors and also to ensure that swipe cards are not lost or stolen. They should only be removed if impractical for the activity e.g. in some science, catering and PE lessons. If the ID has to be removed it should ideally be placed in the member of staff’s pocket. It should never be left where students can access it. Students must not be allowed to use swipe cards or keys. The only exception is when taking guided tours around the school – when students will be supervised by the senior member of staff in charge of the tour.
Staff should also wear office keys around their neck to ensure their security.
If you do lose a key or swipe card – report this to the Business Manager (Laura)or Premises Manager (Marie) immediately.

Food and drink
Food (including sweets) and drinks (hot and cold) should only be consumed in dedicated areas (not classrooms) which are:
– Café area (staff and students)
– Staff room, staff work room and staff offices (staff only)
– Catering classroom (as part of a catering lesson only)
The only exception is water which may be consumed in all areas (unless impractical due to the activity).

Students must not be allowed to use staff computers. If there are exceptional circumstances, permission must be sought from SLT in advance. When students work on any computers – laptops or PCs or any other device – the screen must be visible to staff at all times. Staff must never give their password to any student, or allow them to see it being entered. See also the ICT staff agreement.

Student laptops are the responsibility of Middle Managers. Staff should book them with the relevant person:
Maths, Science – GT
English, Citizenship – MM
Option subjects – KS

Leaving the premises during the working day
Staff should sign in and out at the front office if leaving the premises during lunchtime, PPA time or for pre-arranged appointments/meetings.
If staff wish to leave the premises at any other time (for example if the class they usually teach at that time is out on a trip), they should firstly check the daily timetable and the staff calendar to make sure that they have not been allocated to any other duties and then seek agreement from a member of SLT before signing out.

The front car park at DC is reserved for school vehicles, visitors, front office staff and SLT. There are designated spaces for named members of staff.
All other staff should park in the rear car park. Please ensure that you have provided the back office with your car registration number.
At Surbiton there are 3 designated parking spaces which are for the school car and SLT. Other staff can park in the road or in the overflow car park next door. Please do not park in the space closest to the Children’s centre entrance, as this is for the Children’s centre staff.

Personal belongings
Staff should never leave personal belongings unattended. Lockers are provided for staff in the staff work room.

No pets may be brought onto the school premises.

All Malden Oaks premises are designated as no-smoking areas, this includes both car parks and all outside areas. If staff leave the premises to smoke during the working day (please also see ‘Leaving the premises during the working day’) they should endeavour to be as far away from the premises as possible and out of sight of any students or visitors.

Staff areas
The new staff room at DC is designed to be a welcoming social area for all staff. It also doubles as a meeting and INSET delivery space.
The staff work room at DC (previous staff room) is intended to be a QUIET work space. Please allow others to get on with their work in this area.
The new meeting room at DC (previously a KS3 classroom) is primarily for safeguarding/welfare meetings organised by AV. Please check with her if you wish to book the meeting room, and she will check its availability. Please be aware that external professionals/parents/students may use this room (only when accompanied by a member of Malden Oaks staff) and may also use the toilet next to it.
Students and parents/carers should never be taken into the staff room, the staff work area or the finance office. Parents and all other visitors should only access areas outside of the reception area while accompanied by a member of staff.

STAFF ONLY toilets are based in the corridor between the staff work room and the student common room.
The toilets in the reception area at DC are primarily for STAFF and VISITORS. Occasionally students may be given permission to use them – if for some reason they are not allowed to access the student toilets.

STUDENT ONLY toilets are outside the art room (Boys and Gender-neutral) and in the main corridor (Girls). These toilets should NOT be used by staff or visitors doing the teaching day.

The toilet next to the new staff room is normally for STAFF only, but may also be used by anyone using the meeting room next to it.