Guidelines for Tutor Time

Tutors meet with their tutor group for 15 minutes every day, in addition to morning registration.

Each tutor group is made up of up to 8 students, of mixed ages. Not all students will attend every session due to personalised timetables including extended work experience, college placements and other programmes e.g. Anstee Bridge.

Activities during tutor time may include:

Administrative tasks

  • Ensuring that students know what is happening each week
  • Collecting in any necessary forms
  • Following up any actions from reviews
  • Finding out reasons for lateness/absence

Individual needs (ideally when only a small number of students are present)

  • Update individual profiles
  • More detailed follow up of review actions/targets
  • Feedback from WEX/Colleges

Group identity/teamwork

  • Competitions, challenges, quizzes
  • Team games


  • Watch a section of the BBC news and discuss
  • Read a story from the daily newspaper and discuss
  • Follow up on issues that have arisen for individuals/the group
  • Signpost students to other services

Literacy activities

  • Reading newspapers, magazines, books
  • Reading a play together
  • Discussing films/TV programmes

Preparing for post 16

  • Researching colleges and apprenticeships
  • Updating CVs
  • Discuss managing money
  • Research Part-time jobs
  • Encouraging aspiration by talking about universities and further education

The wider curriculum

  • Discuss activities afternoon
  • Encourage students to start or develop outside interests

This list is not exhaustive and will be reviewed during the course of the year.