Activity Programme – Wednesday Afternoon


On Wednesday afternoons we suspend the teaching timetable and every student participates in an activity of their choice. The aims of this programme are, broadly:

– to enable students to work in different groups from usual, across age ranges
– to enable staff to share the passions they have for their own interests
– to encourage and enthuse students to use their spare time productively now and in the future
– to broaden students horizons, introducing them to new experiences that they would otherwise not have
– to give students extra interests to write about and talk about in job/college interviews
– for students and staff to work alongside each other, enjoying an activity that enables a different experience from the usual teacher – student relationship.
– to give students a free choice of activities and for them to understand that once they have made a choice, they are committed to it.

Students have a choice of around 10 activities to choose from. They list them in order of preference and almost always get their first choice, and if not then their second choice. They participate in this activity for half a term and then get to choose again. We try to ensure that they change activities every half term so that they get a broad experience. We also change some of the activities on offer every half term, to provide variety. Not all activities will run every half term.

On the second Wednesday of term we have a carousel where students are divided into small groups and spend about 10 minutes with each member of staff , finding out about their activity. It is best if you can show photos of your activity or demonstrate what it will involve in a practical/hands on way. At the end of the afternoon the students make their choices and are then allocated to groups. The actual activity programme then starts the following Wednesday. We only have the carousel of activities at the beginning of the year. At all the other half term points the students just get given a description of what the activity involves.

All teaching staff offer an activity. Teaching assistants and other support staff are welcome to offer an activity if they wish or can work with another member of staff if an activity requires two adults.

Activities take place 12.30 – 2.00. In an ideal world we will have a variety of indoor/outdoor, active/sedentary activities. Please note that in order to ensure that our safeguarding procedures are tight, students must be accompanied by staff to off-site activities.  There are strict offsite procedures in place and all activities are overseen by the school Trip/Activity Co-ordinator.  Transport can be in the school minibus, the school car, staff cars or public transport. (Please see separate procedures for staff transporting students in school or personal vehicles).

The most important thing is that your chosen activity is something that you feel passionate about and that your enthusiasm will be infectious!

Activities offered in the past have included:

Multigym at the Hawker Centre
Survival skills
Cooking (themed)
Craft/Jewellery making
Film appreciation
Model-making (airfix)
Christmas card making
5-a-side football
Music production