The Art Textiles GCSE consists of a portfolio of work and an externally set task. The coursework is theme based, which is designed to give a breadth of study in terms of investigation, techniques, and processes.  The work produced can be in 2D or 3D form, presented in sketchbooks, on mounted sheets, or as prototypes. Pupils are introduced to the works of other artists, craftspeople and designers, looking at different genres, concepts and ideas, sharing both historical and contemporary influences.

Study Areas Include:

Research and Presentation Skills on fashion designers and artists; understanding art work from different times and cultures. Drawing, Painting, constructed textiles, digital textiles, dyed fabrics, fashion design.

 Important Aspects of the Course:

  • Constructed textiles • Dyed fabrics • Printed fabrics • Fashion design • Installed textiles • Soft furnishings • Stitched and/or embellished textiles will all be covered in the course

Developing independent research skills and presenting findings creatively in a sketchbook.

Progressively creating a themed project that can be developed in to a final piece.

Improving analytical, critical and annotation skills. 

Examination Board: OCR

Coursework Portfolio: A Themed Project 60%

Examination:  Externally Set Task 40%. (Eight week preparation period, and 10 hour examination)