The EOB Esports Academy is a place for people (students) with an obsession with Esports and video games to come together to create grassroots Esports teams, build their brand and play in their teams at our EOB Esports events, students showcase video games that were created on our courses at these events too.

EOB Esports Academy is also championing family relationship strengthening through video gaming and Esports coaching to build stronger and more confident young people.

Our students travel to Sutton (either by taxi or with a member of staff) to study with WUWO to complete a level 1 course. More information can be found at

One student had the following to say about the Media course

Media studies is an entertaining and insightful class that takes place, for most, on a Friday instead of regular lessons. It takes place at a centre in Sutton, and as such, I either go there via taxi, or I come to school and get driven there instead. Either way, we arrive at around 9:30-10:00 on a normal day, and leave at 14:00.

The day manages to remain casual, while a lot of work manages to be done. The course almost entirely takes place on the centre’s computers, and can be done at home as well, due to the online site that holds all of the tasks. We have two breaks throughout the day, one from 11:00 – 11:15 for a brief break from the work, and the other from 12:00 – 13:00, which functions as a lunch break. During these breaks, we can also play various computer games with the current teacher of the course if we want to.

Throughout the year, we have learnt a wide variety of the various techniques and planning required for game design, and alongside this, we have also found out a decent chunk of the law behind game design. This has helped massively towards the end goal of creating a functioning 2D game, and will allow me to get a level one qualification in Media Studies. This will be immensely helpful for my continuation into Media Studies at a college level, where I will then be learning how to make 3D games, among other things.

Ultimately, this course has been a ton of fun, and the teacher, Jacob, has made the course much more entertaining and easier to understand. I would highly recommend this course.