In GCSE Drama we follow the AQA curriculum in which you will learn to:

  • Use explorative strategies to respond imaginatively to a range of stimulus material;
  • Develop directorial vision, using the medium and elements of Drama to shape your work;
  • Become an effective communicator, leader and member of an ensemble;
  • Use your vocal and movement skills with precision and control in order to communicate with an audience;
  • Evaluate your own work, the work of other students, and live professional theatre using Drama vocabulary;
  • Write about Drama and Theatre with clarity, showing analytical skill and understanding of semiotics.


  • During the course, you will use the full range of explorative strategies, e.g. Still Image, Thought Tracking and Forum Theatre in increasingly sophisticated ways to explore challenging stimuli material.
  • You will be introduced to a range of Drama styles and forms including Naturalism, Physical Theatre and Epic theatre, and be expected to use this knowledge and understanding when creating your own work.
  • You will take greater ownership over your work than in Year 9, and shape it carefully with a clear sense of audience and purpose. You should be prepared to be a performer, designer, director and critic all at once!



Component 1: Understanding Drama (80 marks / 40% of GCSE)

You will study a set text and answer questions on it in a written exam in Year 11.

(A)Short answer section- Theatre terminology

(B)Blood Brothers by Willy Russell and

(C)Live Theatre Performance- Evaluation


Component 2: Devising Drama (80 marks / 40% of GCSE)

Create an original piece of theatre from a stimulus.

Written Log Book evaluating process and performance.


Component 3: Texts in Practice (40 marks / 20% of GCSE)

Performance of two extracts from a published play

Statement of intention must be submitted.


Further Education / Careers:

GCSE Drama will prepare you effectively for taking AS and A Level Drama and Theatre Studies or BTEC Performing Arts. Even if you do not intend to pursue Drama Post-16, success in GCSE Drama gives sixth form or college tutors, or potential employers, a strong flavour of the type of person you are: a team player; an effective communicator; a confident and creative person; somebody with initiative.