You will study performance, choreography and the appreciation of dance.

  • Performance – you will learn four set solo phrases of approximately 1½ minutes.

These will be filmed, sent to AQA, examined and given a final grade.

You will be examined on your physical (e.g. flexibility, balance) and technical skills as a dancer.

You will also learn a group performance piece choreographed by the teacher and students.

In addition, you will be required to perform in work created in lessons and for dance shows e.g. GCSE Choreography Show.


  • Choreography – you will create a solo or group choreography in response a stimulus set by the exam board.

This will be assessed by the teacher, filmed and sent to AQA.

You will also have to write a detailed programme note and this will contribute to your final grade.


  • Appreciation – you will develop your appreciation skills in dance by attending theory lessons and writing about the key elements of professional dance works. These include the physical setting (costume, lighting, set design), movements, accompaniment and choreographic devices used by the choreographer.

Over the two years you will study six short professional dance works. You will also be able to write about choreography and performance and this will be assessed in a 1½ hour written paper at the end of Year 11