MOOT – KS3 Programme Curriculum

Malden Oaks MOOT Programme

Venue: Albany Park Canoe and Sailing Centre, Albany Mews, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5SL.

This is easily accessible on the 65 bus route from both Kingston and Richmond.

A part-time one day a week programme for KS3 students who are at risk of disengaging from education. A combination of creative and outdoor activities motivate students, building up their confidence and readiness to learn. Students normally attend 1 day a week for a term, while continuing to attend their mainstream schools on the other 4 days. 6 to 12 places available each term, depending on demand.

As well as being an acronym, we also chose this name for its South African meaning: MOOT  n. A system of arbitration in which the primary goal is to settle a dispute and reintegrate adversaries into society


  • To encourage students to have aspirations and plan for KS4 options and beyond.
  • To enable students to experience success and to recognise their own and others’ achievements.
  • To motivate students to develop and sustain positive new interests.

Feedback from this project is typified by comments such as:

Since attending this project, M is a different boy, he has improved so much at home and at school’.

‘Mum stated that although she personally had had her doubts (initially) that it would be successful, she could see the positive change in XXX and was overjoyed. XXX had said that she had enjoyed the whole experience and was a little sad that it had ended, but that she had memories she would keep forever’

 ‘School staff said that XXs behaviour had significantly improved since attending the project’

 ‘Mr and Mrs X were very happy with how the project has benefitted XX. The project gave some respite from difficulties at school and improved Xs motivation and engagement.’

Dates and times:

  • Students will be invited to attend an initial meeting with their parent/carer and a school representative
  • The programme will run every Wednesday from 9.20 – 2.30pm

The MOOT day structure:

10am – 11am = break into 2 groups – one group to complete a water-based activity the other to cook

11am = break for 15 minutes

11.15 – 12-15 = swap groups over

12-15-12.45 lunch

1pm – 2pm Boxing at Surbiton Boxing Club

2.30 end of the day


The programme will include practical projects based around catering, art and outdoor activities, as well as focussed work on target-setting and changing behaviour.

Further information:

Please view the attached powerpoint presentation

KS3 MOOT referral form