Staff Comments

“I love leading Malden Oaks because it’s a unique, inclusive, dynamic community. Staff are highly skilled and committed. Students are open communicators, free to express their identities and supportive of each other. Apart from all this….it’s because I still learn something new every single day.”

“I like working at Malden Oaks school because it is good to help young peoples’ confidence grow and to see them happy at school.”

“In regards to staff: It is great to be part of such a dedicated, supportive, but also down to earth friendly group of people. At Malden Oaks I do believe that due to the smaller, much more intimate nature of our interaction, true friendships develop. True friendship holds much more value in regards to the level of support and commitment towards one another, in comparison to if we were only acquainted as colleagues. I do believe that this very fact is one of the key factors that helps us to have great success as a team.

In regards to students: It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to work very closely with a small group of students and their parents as it is due to the more intimate nature of these relationships that true change and progress are witnessed. It is especially great to see the massive impact the positive reinforcement of healthy adult/student relations can have on a young person in search of a reliable role model. In conclusion: Witnessing real change for the good in our young people, and knowing that I had a role to play, can be a very rewarding experience.”

“Malden Oaks is a happy and supportive place to work and I believe in what we do each day.”