Tuition Service

Please watch our video which we hope will give you a broader understanding of what we offer.

All referrals for medical tuition should be made by the school that the student is on roll at and must be accompanied by a consultant’s letter stating that the student is medically unfit to attend school.

Medical tuition is an interim provision, not a substitute for school. The aim is always to reintegrate the student back into full-time mainstream education.

Once the a case has been considered and accepted by the weekly referral panel, the Deputy Head (Tuition Service Lead) will be in touch to organise a meeting. At the meeting, information will be shared and forms signed.

For students who are unable to leave the house, tuition will take place in the home. Some students will be able to travel to a local library to have their tuition sessions. KS4 students with a medical need are encouraged to access group teaching at our Dukes Centre site, if at all possible, so that they can have access to the full GCSE curriculum.

All students will be given access to our Virtual Learning Environment, SamLearning, which covers around 28 subjects from KS1 – KS5 to enable them to do extra work at home if they are able.

Students receiving tuition in the home or a local library are usually offered four sessions across the week. Available session times each day are:

Session 1:     8:45 – 10:30am

Session 2:     11:15-1pm

Session 3:   2 – 3:45pm.

Tuition is delivered by fully qualified secondary school teachers. We also liaise with mainstream schools to ensure that as much as possible students can keep up with the work their own classes are covering.

Students attending the Dukes Centre will be provided with a bespoke timetable depending on the amount of education they are able to access.

A review is held every 8-10 weeks to assess progress and make plans for the next step.

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