Grant Expenditure

We successfully submitted a bid for additional funding from the Mayor’s Fund so that we could deliver an intensive support programme for our year 11 students. These students have been disadvantaged by the impact of the pandemic for 10 months now, a large portion of their KS4 education. The intensive mentoring programme builds on the 1:1 work that teachers carried out during the first lockdown and aims to provide students with the resilience and skills they need to progress to a positive destination. The Mayor’s fund provided the majority of the funding required to staff this project (£56, 000). We have used the Covid top up funding to ensure that this programme can be offered to all year 11 students rather than just some of them. We have also used it to purchase additional time from our Educational Psychologist. This has enabled all staff involved to have a 1:1 consultation with the EP about the needs of their specific students and the strategies they will employ to engage and motivate them.