Emotional and Mental Health Support & Therapy

Malden Oaks is a therapeutic environment which means that every part of its structure and organisation is designed to promote positive emotional and mental health.

This is achieved through small class sizes, individually tailored curriculum plans, highly experienced staff and a focus on developing resilience.

There will still be occasions when some students require targeted individual interventions for a period of time. We have a team of qualified professionals who deliver support and therapy:

  • Educational Psychologist
  • School Counsellor
  • Emotional Literacy Support Assistant  
  • Health Support Worker 
  • Health and well-being practitioner 
  • School Nurse
  • SENCo 

All students attending Malden Oaks are able to access the support of these professionals. Most interventions are arranged internally, via a referral from staff or self-referrals from students. Some support may require written parental consent and if this is the case, staff will contact parents to discuss the intervention. For further information please contact our Emotional Health Leads: Alison Vigor (KS4) and Ayse Meliz (KS3).