Admissions / Referrals

Referral routes will vary depending on the reasons for the referral, but the standard route is:

The CFC school representative presents the student’s case over a series of CFC meetings, reporting on interventions and progress.

If the student continues to be at risk of exclusion/disengagement and the school has exhausted all existing provision, the school rep will discuss the potential for a referral to Malden Oaks. This may be at the next available CFC meeting, or outside of it, depending on the timing.

The school rep will contact the head teacher of Malden Oaks to discuss the case either face to face or by telephone. If a referral is appropriate, the head teacher request that the school rep completes the most up to date version of the referral form.

The attached 
student Referral form should be completed as fully as possible and electronically, so that data can be easily transferred to Malden Oaks’ systems. Schools should discuss the referral with parents/carers/other professionals at this juncture.

Once the form has been received and reviewed, the school rep arranges a meeting with the Headteacher of Malden Oaks. This meeting normally takes place at the mainstream school and includes the student, parent/carers, school rep and any other relevant professionals. This is an opportunity for all concerned to describe the current situation and state what they hope to gain from the referral. Timescales and expectations will be discussed and agreed at this meeting.

The head teacher arranges for the student and parent/carer to visit Malden Oaks. School staff and other professionals are welcome to attend, but it is not essential that they do so. After a guided tour of the premises, and a discussion about expectations, the student and parent will be asked to complete various forms.

The induction programme will start within 1 – 3 days of the visit. The student attends every afternoon, usually for 5 days. During this time they work on a 1:1 basis with a number of staff. Assessments are undertaken to enable staff to place the student in appropriate teaching and tutor groups.

Students normally join the full-time provision after the 5 day induction programme. For a small number of students a longer period of induction and assessment is appropriate.

An initial review is usually held after 3 full weeks. Ideally school reps will attend this review to receive information about the student’s attendance and progress. Unless there are significant difficulties, this is an informal review which does not include written reports.

Every student has a full review every half term. All those involved with the student are encouraged to attend. These reviews include information on attendance, behaviour and progress data. Written review notes will be distributed after the meeting.

School representatives are key players in the ongoing package of support for the student. They are typically Assistant Headteachers, SENCOs or Heads of Year.

EHCP provision.

Malden Oaks has a small number of places for KS4 students with an EHCP for SEMH and/or ASD needs. Referrals for these places are made by the SEN panel. Professionals and parents/carers who would like to enquire about one of these places are asked to contact the child’s SEN caseworker in the first instance.