Governance Statement and Action Plan 2016


The purpose of this page is to provide a summary of the key issues which the Management Committee addressed during the 2015/16 academic year and the topics which are likely to be considered in 2016/17.

It is intended to complement other information on the Malden Oaks website concerning the membership of the Management Committee and its purpose and structure.

During 2015/16 there were some significant changes to the membership of the committee with several experienced members leaving because of job changes, retirements and relocations. In particular, two long-serving sub-committee chairs left the management committee which presented us with a challenge in the short-term. However, we were delighted to appoint several new members and fill the vacant positions of sub-committee chairs. It appears we will begin 2016/17 with a full complement of members, although a priority will be for us to identify one or two parents who would be willing to join the committee.

Malden Oaks has been through some significant changes in the recent past and the pace of change is not slowing. During 2015/16 the Management Committee looked in detail at the legal structure of Malden Oaks and considered options for change, including a move to academy status, the development of a free school proposal or the prospect of joining a ‘multi-academy trust’. Our intention was to find a route forward which would allow us to respond to what appears to be a growing demand for the sort of distinctive provision that we offer young people. In response to this demand we increased numbers of pupils from Richmond schools in 2105/16 and this is likely to be a priority in planning in 2016/17.This focus on establishing the appropriate structure and positioning for Malden Oaks amongst the rich mix of local provision will be a priority in 2016/17.

As part of this work the Management Committee worked on a vision statement which would steer the future development of Malden Oaks and provide a clear and purposeful prospectus to discuss with partners and stakeholders. Staff were also involved in the development of this document which you can find on the website if you would like to explore this in more details.

Through its sub-committees we have maintained a focus on the examination outcomes for pupils and the curriculum offer they have available to them. We have maintained close scrutiny of the financial situation for the school, as well as its accommodation and resources.

In June / July 2016 the Management Committee commissioned a ‘governance health check’ report from Project Partner Associates Ltd. This report incorporated a perception survey completed by members, the development of a skills matrix (to facilitate comparison with the version produced in the preceding year) and a comparison of the procedures and processes of the committee against statutory requirements and best practice. All members have received a copy of the report.

This governance action plan below is intended to provide a response to this report specifically, but also to the range of issues raised at meetings of the Management Committee over the past few months.


1.To maintain a high quality of dialogue and debate at meetings of the Management Committee and sub-committees.


Chairs On-going (with mid-year review)
2. To ensure the engagement of members in key strategic decisions affecting Malden Oaks such as the future legal framework for its operation. Chair of MC / Headteacher On-going (with mid-year review)


3. To provide opportunities for members to be involved in work with stakeholders and partners and raise the external profile of the Management Committee. Chair of MC / Headteacher




(with mid-year review)

4. To ensure that discussions of the Management Committee and sub-committee are informed by having accurate and timely supporting papers available at least seven days in advance of any meeting.



Chairs / SLT / Clerk to MC On-going

(with mid-year review)

5. To produce an annual governance statement for inclusion on the website.


Chair of MC August 2016


6. To apply the skills matrix to the identification of potential new members, prioritising skills in finance, legal, HR and estates issues.


Chair of MC September 2016
7. To ensure that members are provided with sufficient information to make judgements on the quality of student outcomes and educational performance of Malden Oaks.


Head and SLT September 2016
8. To set and meet a target of 85% attendance at meetings for 2016/17.


Chair of MC, all members, Clerk to MC From September 2016


9. To seek a new parent member. Head / Chair of MC September 2016


10. To ensure that an effective induction programme remains in place and is accessed by new members, including access to AfC training events.


Chair of MC / Clerk to MC September 2106
11. To undertake a review of the Standing Orders of the Management Committee. Chair of MC / external consultant November 2106


12. To develop a schedule showing key items to be addressed by the Management Committee and sub-committees in the form of a ‘planned business for the year’ document.


Chair of MC / Clerk to MC November 2016



13. To update the website to ensure compliance with all statutory guidance as indicated in the health check report.


Head / Business Manager September 2016
14. To update the register of interests on the website. (an up-to-date hard copy is already available). Clerk to MC/Business Manager September 2016


15. To undertake an annual performance appraisal for the Clerk to the MC. Chair of MC


October 2016


16. To ensure that training needs of members are identified and appropriate responses planned.


Chair of MC / Head On-going