Premises Information


The site is open to staff from 6am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday during term time however please be aware that staff passes may not work outside of 8am-5pm so please check if you wish to work late/early.

The site is often open to staff during the holidays however variable hours will apply, please see the Premises Manager if you are wishing to come/work during the holiday period so that arrangements can be made.

Food and drink

Food (including sweets) and drinks (hot and cold) should only be consumed in dedicated areas (not classrooms) which are:

  • Café area (staff and students)
  • Staff room and staff offices (staff only)
  • Catering classroom (as part of a catering lesson only)

–          Garden area but please bring in all rubbish otherwise this will need to be revised(staff and students)

The only exception is water which may be consumed in all areas (unless impractical due to the activity).

Banned items

Any kind of weapon or item that could be used as a weapon, including replicas

Cigarettes, lighters, papers or any other smoking paraphernalia

Mobile phones may be used at break times only, as long as they do not disturb others. If they are used at any other time, they will have to be handed in on arrival.

Clothing that is too revealing or contains logos which are drug/alcohol-related, racist or could cause offence in any other way.