Register of Business Interests for MC






From 1 September 2015, governing bodies and management committees have a duty to publish on their website their register of interests. The register sets out the relevant business interests of Members, and details of any other educational establishments they govern. The register also sets out any relationships between Members and with school staff, including that of spouses, partners and relatives – where applicable. “None” is the recorded entry on the register for governors who have no interests to register.


Please find the full table BELOW or alternatively you can view/print the attached downloadable copy :Summary Register of Interests Dec. 2016








Name of Member or Senior Employee Category of Member Period of Office

(4 yrs)

Position of Responsibility/

Sub-Committee Membership

Business Interest Other Establish -ments Governed Relationship with

Staff and/or

other Members

Date Interest was Registered Date Interest Ceased
Samantha Axbey Head





Member of Finance and

Strategy sub-committees.


Trustee – 28th Wimbledon Guide Unit

None None  



Alison Dinsdale Staff 10/09/15 – 09/09/19 Member of Teaching and Achievement sub-committee. None None None  



Robert Green

Community 08/09/15 – 07/09/19 Finance sub-committee Chair;  Member of Strategy and Behaviour, Safety & Welfare sub-committees.

Lead for SEN and MFL.



Parklands Special School, Oxon.  





August 2016

Mateen Greenway Community 14/10/15


Lead on Science.

Member of Teaching & Achievement, and Behaviour, Safety & Welfare sub-committees.

None None None  



Sarah Kieran




01/09/15 – 31/08/19


Safeguarding/CLA Lead;


Lead on PSHE.

Chair of Behaviour, Safety & Welfare sub-committee; member of Strategy sub-committee









Roger Lowe Community 16/06/15 – 16/06/19 Chair of the Management Committee and of the Strategy, and Headteacher’s Appraisal, sub-committees.

Lead on English.

Director of Project Partner Associates Ltd; Member of Chartered Management Institute. None None 19/11/15
Karen Velissarides Community 07/10/15 – 06/10/19 Chair of Teaching & Achievement sub-committee; Member of Strategy sub-committee.

Lead on Catering.

None None None
Mark Hoble Community 20/06/16 – 19/06/20 Lead on Ethics.

Member of Strategy, and Finance sub-committees.

None None None
Robyn Sloman Community 15/09/16 – 14/09/20 Lead on Art.

Member of Teaching & Achievement sub-committee.

None None None
Daniel Edwards Community 13/10/16 – 12/10/20 Lead on Maths.

Member of Behaviour, Safety & Welfare sub-committee.

None None None
Claude Green LA 29/11/16


Lead on History and PE.

Member of Finance sub-committee.

None None None